About Us

Ozarks Creations started in 2014 to fill a long-time need in the wholesale jewelry business.  Over the years jewelry suppliers to the travel industry quit focusing on inexpensive, quality jewelry especially with gemstones.  To find a gemstone necklace that would retail for under $30 was getting pretty challenging...we decided to fill that void.

Starting in a spare bedroom and moving on to the garage, we began making inexpensive gemstone rings and necklaces.  Initial tests were much better then we expected.  Over the next couple of years we continued testing and adding new items...things that maybe haven't been seen for awhile like-mood rings and birthstone necklaces.  

Our original work bench

Before we new it there was too much jewelry to keep in the spare bedroom and the garage so we built a workshop overlooking Clear Creek Lake.  To keep up with demand we have had much appreciated help from family and friends.  In addition to ourselves our Handcrafted in the Ozarks jewelry is made by stay-at-home moms, teenagers after school, and anyone in our circle that wants/needs a little extra income.

While searching for components we discovered something else.  Inexpensive ready-to-wear gemstone jewelry does still exist...for some reason wholesalers just quit stocking it.  We decided to supplement what we could produce with the ready-to-wear.  

Along the way, we sought input from everyone around us...one of the common questions we got was..."How much for this?"  We kept telling ourselves that we didn't want to mess with collecting sales tax on retail sales, so we would just give away the item when an individual asked that question; allowing us to focus on wholesale customers.  Demand for retail sales finally got to the point that we decided to explore this option...this website is the result of that exploration.

While wholesale customers will always be our primary focus, we are thrilled to offer the Ozarks Creations line in this retail setting.